What really became of Hitler?

AUGUST 2022: The latest Rory Clements thriller The Man In The Bunker is now out as an ebook, hardback - and paperback.

THE STORY: In the spring of 1945, a few days before the end of the war in Europe, it is reported that Adolf Hitler and his bride Eva Braun have committed suicide in the Berlin bunker. But no body is ever found and many people - including Soviet leader Stalin - believe  the Führer is still alive and hiding out, probably protected by diehard Nazis. Cambridge professor Tom Wilde, working as an agent for Allied intelligence, is sent into the ruins of Germany to interrogate those who knew Hitler best. Following a trail of blood and deceit, he realises that there are fanatics who will murder and murder again to prevent him discovering the truth.

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THE OTHER BOOKS: Rory is also the author of the John Shakespeare series of historical thrillers set in the late Elizabethan era. Both series have been awarded prizes by the Crime Writers' Association - Revenger in 2010 and Nucleus in 2018 won the coveted Historical Dagger.

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'Buckle yourself in tightly because this is truly a gripping, white-knuckle ride'

                                                                                       Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post