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Dark heart of a beautiful city

JULY, 2024: The latest Rory Clements thriller Munich Wolf is now published as paperback, hardback, ebook and audio. That's the new paperback cover on the right.

THE STORY:  In 1935, Munich is a magnet for young, aristocratic Britons who come to learn German, drink beer and look for love. 

What they don’t see - or choose to ignore - is the brutal underbelly of the Nazi movement which considers the city its spiritual home.

When a high-born English girl is murdered, police detective Sebastian Wolff is ordered to solve the crime. He is already walking a tight line between doing his job and falling foul of the political party he despises. Now Hitler is taking a personal interest in the case.

Followed by the secret police and threatened by his own son, a zealous member of the Hitler Youth, Wolff’s task seems impossible. And when he begins to suspect that the killer might be linked to the highest reaches of the Nazi hierarchy, he realises he might become the next victim.

BEHIND THE SCENES:To find out more about Munich Wolf and the other books by Rory Clements, you can join his Readers' Club. Just click on the link at the top right of the page. It costs nothing and there are no catches.

THE OTHER BOOKS: Rory is also the author of the Tom Wilde and John Shakespeare series of historical thrillers. Both series have been awarded prizes by the Crime Writers' Association - Revenger in 2010 and Nucleus in 2018 won the coveted Historical Dagger.

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'Atmospheric and gripping'  THE TIMES
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